Your ideas are worthy a lot of appreciation and rewards.

Therefore, we have planned a way to ensure that you as a member would get fame and money with the help of a wallet box.

If the intellectual thoughts posted by a member get many likes, then Hai Genius will reward you by our specially made wallet box. Every member contains an account and the rewards will be transferred to the wallet box. This is a very easy procedure to withdraw money.

Hai Genius encourages every little talent and loves to showcase the talents of individuals that can help for the global development. However, the website is not just about displaying talents, a member could earn rewards.

After posting a thought in the website, if your thought is liked by 100 users of the website then Hai Genius will provide rewards to you in the below mentioned process. To secure the rewards to the members we have created a Wallet Box. You can find more information about it in the “Wallet” page.

If a thought posted by you gets 100 likes, then we will give you 10 INR which will be transferred into the wallet. Similarly, if you get 100,000 likes then we will give you 1,116 INR as reward. In addition, you will be announced as the Brand Ambassador Hai Genius. This will help you grow economically and build confidence to develop new ideas as well.