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    Electricity generation from speed breakers

                   Now a days electricity plays a very important in our life. Due to Population explosion, the current power generation has become insufficient to fulfill our needs and also lessen of conventional energy resources we must depend on non conventional.

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    Water control in over head tanks using microprocessor 8085

    We are sometimes wasting the water by Switch On the Motor and for got to switch off when the tank is full.By designing the circuit and write program in Mnemonics of a microprocessor 8085.By using LEDs in the circuit LEDs displays the water level.Copper probes are used to sense the water level indic.

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    Water car

    INTRODUCTION:In our world there is so many facilities to travel. In that car  and bike plays a most important role in human life. Every car and bike is used by consuming petrol and diesel, by these vehicles so much pollution is occurring in the world. To control these problems we have an i.

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