Global Thoughts

  • Public Safety

    How to get rid of the harmful fluoride in the body?

    The human body cannot withstand the presence of certain neurotoxins such as lead, arsenic, mercury, etc. Sodium fluoride, a natural contaminant found in water is also classified as a neurotoxin and is deemed harmful to the body. Although, it is present in the toothpaste used by children and adult.

    Public Safety 2016-11-01 466
  • Healthcare

    The natural health benefits of papaya fruit

    Papaya is a pear-shaped fruit with numerous black seeds inside. The edible part of the fruit is the orange nutritional layer that provides security and nurturing to the seeds. A lot of people believe that Papaya is not good and has many disadvantages; however, research suggests that one could ac.

    Healthcare 2016-11-01 423
  • Government

    How to avoid nuclear wars and save the earth?

    Nuclear warfare – the world is afraid of its consequences yet thrives on the power it can get. As a result many countries are developing weapons so that they can stand tall in the competition of Nations. It is unimaginable to explain the catastrophic events that would take place after a nuclear wa.

    Government 2016-11-01 394
  • Nano Science

    Nano-cocoons: a revolutionary cancer treating development

    Nanotechnology – a promising scientific breakthrough that promised a lot to the human beings in the field of biology, medicine, chemistry, research, etc. has been inside the closet for too long. Many years are passed without the proper utilization of this technology where microscopic cells can be .

    Nano Science 2016-11-01 431
  • Scientific Research

    Bacteria bricks - safer and bio-degradable alternative to concrete

    The world is always looking for safer alternatives, as we are realizing that anymore harm done to the environment would mean mass extinction. Scientists have found ways to generate water out of moisture, draw energy from sun and pure water. Now, they are concentrating on having bricks made out of ba.

    Scientific Research 2016-10-27 289
  • women

    The only way to improve confidence in women

    Women have a lot of potential and by increasing their confidence we can get unbelievable ideas from them. There is only one way to improve the confidence in women i.e. 100% participation of women in politics. A woman is facing a lot of problems even today, where we claim that civilization&.

    women 2016-10-27 248
  • SoftwareServices

    State bank buddy

    this is mobile wallet application to enable anywhere,anytime payments to any one.recharge your mobiles,dth and pay onlines,book movie tickets and hotels.transfer money instantly to your bank account..

    SoftwareServices 2016-10-14 367
  • Education

    Is it possible to facilitate free and equal global education?

    Can the children of the world be endowed with free and equal education? Such thought should never cross our mind and create a doubt, as free education is absolutely possible. Moreover, if we think about it, we can understand that it is not a problem at all.Before the world faces a crisis of intellec.

    Education 2016-10-13 283
  • Finance

    Eradicate black money, fake currency

    The biggest of problems faced by the world are earnings through illegal means, concealing black money and using fake currency. The economic system of any nation is getting destroyed by these factors. As a result, the living standards of the people are not developing even after all these centuries of.

    Finance 2016-10-13 395
  • Medical

    Money – an invention by humans is ruling us and our existence

    It is an undoubted truth that money has become the supreme ruler of mankind despite what one may think. Why are we not able to contain the power of money? It is inevitable that money is powered by the political systems prevalent in the world. If all the people of the world can unite and fight agains.

    Medical 2016-10-13 323