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    Bionic vision: a solution to the visually impaired

    Eyesight is the most beautiful gift a living species can have and devoid of it anyone would face many problems. There are many visually impaired and blind people in the world and medical science is still in the search for that perfect way to stop the impairments.  In the past decade or so, .

    Scientific Research 2016-11-23 1357
  • Scientific Research

    Water seer – a project that could solve the water problems in the world

    Water scarcity is something humanity is facing due to several causes. Of the many causes, it is global warming and irresponsible use of resources that makes it difficult for the proper level of ground water. In many countries across the world, people travel miles to acquire a pile of water and t.

    Scientific Research 2016-11-21 961
  • Healthcare

    Health benefits of ocimum sanctum [holy basil] - tulasi

    Ocimum Sanctum is a Latin word used for the famous plant known as Holy Basil in English and Tulasi in Hindi. The most common phrase used for Tulasi is – It’s an herb for all reasons. The Ocimum Sanctum belongs to the mint family and it’s commonly found among the world as people grow it for.

    Healthcare 2016-11-21 840
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    Shocking benefits of yoga

    Being healthy is what everyone wants in their life and as the generation today has taken up by the technology; it’s a bit difficult to be healthy with all the stress and tensions in this hurry scheduled lifestyle. Many people are getting acquired by various health problems, no matter at what a.

    Healthcare 2016-11-17 690
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    Breast feeding – an essential to mother and child

        Women in the current world are fighting for equal rights and are trying to create opportunities for themselves, which is an honorable thing. However, some women tend to ignore the basic duties of a woman and try to find backdoors. Amongst such practices, the most unfortuna.

    Healthcare 2016-11-16 449
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    Pluto – from being a planet to demoting as a dwarf planet

    In the era where astronomers were in search of new planets within the solar system, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered a distant planet in the year 1930, which eventually got the name Pluto. An Oxford school girl gave the name “Pluto” and it ideally suits the isolated planet. For decades, it was an.

    Scientific Research 2016-11-16 384
  • Healthcare

    8 amazing benefits of drinking water on empty stomach

    A human body is made up of water to the extent of 70% and it’s very much important to maintain the body with proper care in order to be away from the health problems. The human body is meant to fulfill all the requirements so that it can function properly for all the parts. Water is the most e.

    Healthcare 2016-11-14 390
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    Artificial photosynthesis – solution to the co2 emission

    Photosynthesis is the primary process of plants and trees in which the Carbon dioxide is converted into bio energy with the help of sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to have more trees in the eco-system; unfortunately man is too ignorant to see that importance. Hence, the world has witnessed a.

    Scientific Research 2016-11-10 319
  • Internet

    How to stay safe on the internet and ensure privacy?

    Many people think that there is absolute freedom in using internet; unfortunately, it is far from the truth. Internet is the best source to lose privacy as anyone could hack or breach the accounts of another one with the help of tools or hacking techniques. The worst part is that the Government c.

    Internet 2016-11-09 302
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    Fungus – the future replacement for plastic

    The human race is polluting the Earth in more than one way. The major pollutant is smoke emitted from industries and automotives, the second major pollutant is unquestionably a human invention – plastic. It is almost inevitable that with the more use of plastic, there would be no one on Earth t.

    Scientific Research 2016-11-01 452