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  • Healthcare

    Fascinating uses of aloe vera you should know

    Aloe Vera is one of the well known and well used medicinal plants. This plant should be grown in every house because it is extremely useful to secure the health of the people belonging to a house. It would be fascinating to know that Aloe is used as an ingredient to treat small issues such a.

    Healthcare 2017-01-10 855
  • Engineering

    Do you want an incredible alarm?

    Today i am going to show you how making an alarm for indicating the water level in a very simple method. Thinks required 1) Plastic bottle 2)9v battery and connector 3) Aluminum foil paper, 4)2 Aluminum wire each half a meter 5)3 Plastic drink bottle caps (2 white.1 blue) 6) A.

    Engineering 2017-01-06 999
  • Engineering

    The secrets behind the working of a thermal power plant

    Thermal  power plant is a place which the Electricity is generated by heating energy is converted into Electrical energy.In this technology of power generation heat energy is used to rotate the shaft of the Generator. The truth we all know the generator a device which converts mechanical en.

    Engineering 2017-01-05 1966
  • Farming

    Can hydroponics provide better solution for growing farming needs?

    “There isn’t place for humans and crops in this world” It is true, with increasing population nearing a staggering number of 7.5 billion the world is getting smaller for plants and animals. Human beings are finding it difficult to find shelter and food supplements at the same time. The .

    Farming 2016-12-21 1243
  • Healthcare

    6 wonderful home remedies for sinus everyone should know

    People are often suffered from many health problems these days and often prefer to take the antibiotics as medication for the quick relief. Due to the pollution and the climatic change most of the people suffer from the sinus problems and take the medication prescribed by the doctors. Taking the.

    Healthcare 2016-12-21 1165
  • Scientific Research

    Magic mushrooms bring enormous twist in cancer treatment

    For centuries medical research has been trying to produce a cost-effective way to bring down cancer. Unfortunately, either due to pressure from the multibillion pharmaceutical industries or greed of the people running those, new methods [reducing costs] are not brought forward. This shows how mu.

    Scientific Research 2016-12-07 894
  • Scientific Research

    Repelling mesh – a wonderful solution to counter oil spills

    Oil spills cause major damage to the aquatic species and environment. The oil repellent mesh is a great invention to counter the oil spills & stop them.Oil spills in oceans, seas and other water bodies are known to destroy the water life and make permanent damage to the eco-system. These are .

    Scientific Research 2016-12-01 613
  • Scientific Research

    Are you looking for better future with 4d printing

    3D printers are popular across the world for their capability to build materials based on the design input. Many research facilities, general places, etc. have used this technology to develop the best models possible either to experiment or use. However, there is a limitation to 3D printing tech.

    Scientific Research 2016-11-28 1342
  • Healthcare

    Do you know the amazing benefits of neem?

    Neem is one the medicinal plant and for many decades of years, it has been used to cure many health problems. The plant consists of a bunch of leaves build between it and those leaves are used in the Ayurvedic medicines for almost more than thousands of years. The taste of the neem is bitter, bu.

    Healthcare 2016-11-28 1431
  • Healthcare

    Edible flowers – health & beauty together

    Flowers enhance the garden areas and also the home by their smell and everyone gets attracted to them very easily. Many people advise that not to smell the flowers as it would damage them, but most of them don’t know that flowers are edible and also very healthy for human body structure.

    Healthcare 2016-11-23 1210