Water Seer – A Project That Could Solve The Water Problems In The World

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Water scarcity is something humanity is facing due to several causes. Of the many causes, it is global warming and irresponsible use of resources that makes it difficult for the proper level of ground water. In many countries across the world, people travel miles to acquire a pile of water and they travel without any security. This is very unfortunate as humans take pride in claiming the technological advancements achieved and the progress.  But, no one seems to direct the technology towards the eradication of water scarcity across the world.

A company named Indiegogo has come up with a prototype called the “Water Seer” that promises to take care of the water scarcity around the world. Water Seer is a device that runs like a wind mill and it needs to be half-inserted into the soil.

How it works?

The Water Seer is a very long structure consisting of two turbines, protective materials, water storage bulb, outlet for water, etc. In the place where the product needs to be installed – a six foot hole needs to be made. The bulbous side of the Water Seer needs to be inserted into the soil and the hole needs to be closed tightly by filling up the soil. As the ground temperature at that level would be cool, the water would not get overheated and would be maintained at a normal temperature.

The primary turbine in the form of a helical structure rotates based on the direction of the wind. This turbine is connected to an internal turbine covered by pores which attracts the moisture in the atmosphere. Gradually, the turbine collects moisture which is sent to the condensation chamber. Due to the variation of temperature levels, the moisture cools down and will collected in the water bulb. The collected water can be pumped safely as the water is completely clean of harmful bacteria.


This device is mobile and can be transported easily making it the most powerful tool to take care of the water scarcity. Unfortunately, the company is no longer taking care of the Water Seer due to negative criticism, but there is a lot of potential in this device. A perfectly manufactured unit can actually produce water because of the aerodynamic design and the implementation of simple laws of physics and nature.

Will it work?

People believe more in reviews than the actual project. They should give a chance to Water Seer project as it can counter the water scarcity across the globe. With proper design and thorough renovation of the product, the Water Seer can work and produce water. Remember that the fight is against water scarcity and not with a company or a review.

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