In our world there is so many facilities to travel. In that car  and bike plays a most important role in human life. Every car and bike is used by consuming petrol and diesel, by these vehicles so much pollution is occurring in the world. To control these problems we have an idea that every person use the car that runs with water. We have a doubt that how car runs with water? well let me explain that "In the world there is more than 60% salt water is present, by this we can produce an hydrogen and oxygen gases, by using this hydrogen gas the car was running with min speed, but that produce less amount of smoke and pollution.

A bottle, under the hood containing the electrodes about 1.5 mm is almost filled with the salt water, when the car engine is started the electrolysis process is occurred in the bottle, then the water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen gases. On demand the hydrogen produce is directed into 2nd bottle and then to the engine through the air intake. finally instead of smoke water is exhausted by silencer.

 In pure water at the negatively charged cathode, a reduction reaction takes place, with electrons (e−) from the cathode being given to hydrogen cations to form hydrogen gas (the half reaction balanced with acid):Reduction at cathode: 2 H+(aq) + 2e− → H2(g)At the positively charged anode, an oxidation reaction occurs, generating oxygen gas and giving electrons to the anode to complete the circuit:Oxidation at anode: 2 H2O(l) → O2(g) + 4 H+(aq) + 4e−The same half reactions can also be balanced with base as listed below. Not all half reactions must be balanced with acid or base. Many do, like the oxidation or reduction of water listed here. To add half reactions they must both be balanced with either acid or base.Cathode (reduction): 2 H2O(l) + 2e− → H2(g) + 2 OH−(aq)Anode (oxidation): 4 OH−(aq) → O2(g) + 2 H2O(l) + 4 e−Combining either half reaction pair yields the same overall decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen:Overall reaction: 2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g)The number of hydrogen molecules produced is thus twice the number of oxygen molecules.
 Assuming equal temperature and pressure for both gases, the produced hydrogen gas has therefore twice the volume of the produced oxygen gas. The number of electrons pushed through the water is twice the number of generated hydrogen molecules and four times the number of generated oxygen molecules.

FINAL ADVICE :This is more efficient and more power. Most people do not believe  it, but this system can be built easily with items found at home. Save environment and save earth. 


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