The Natural Health Benefits Of Papaya Fruit


Papaya is a pear-shaped fruit with numerous black seeds inside. The edible part of the fruit is the orange nutritional layer that provides security and nurturing to the seeds. A lot of people believe that Papaya is not good and has many disadvantages; however, research suggests that one could acquire numerous benefits by consuming the fruit. Here are some of the health benefits that an individual can have by frequent eating of Papaya.

Cholesterol Reduction – It is a well know fact that this exotic fruit is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and fibre that act as agents to prevent the increase of cholesterol levels in the arteries. By eating the fruit in measured quantities, the cholesterol already developed in the arteries can also be dissolved, thereby preventing the occurrence of heart attack.

Weight Loss – Papaya is low in calories and rich in fibre. Therefore, an individual would feel full after eating a few pieces of the fruit and would not have the feeling of hunger for a period of time. Further, the calorie level is low ensuring that the individual would not get excessive calories. Therefore, having Papaya in a diet plan can help in weight loss considerably.

Diabetics – There are only a few fruits that are more suitable to diabetic persons than Papaya. The fruit has very low sugar content and contains phyto-nutrients and Vitamins that prevent heart diseases. It is proven that diabetics can be prevented by eating Papaya daily.

Eyes – Papayas contain beta-carotene, lutein, cyptoxanthin and other flavonoids that help in the preservation of the mucus membranes of the eyes. In addition, if there is any damage, these flavonoids ensure that there won’t be any additional damage and keep the membrane healthy. The Vitamins like A and C prevent macular degeneration of the eyes and an individual can have perfect vision even after retirement. Papaya has more bio available carotenoids than carrots and tomatoes.

Arthritis – Elderly find it almost impossible to move around freely because of Arthritis and the life seems very difficult. Developing a habit of eating Papaya from a young age is proven to reduce the occurrence of Arthritis. The fruit is a rich mine of Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory agents. These help in strengthening of joints and prevention of Arthritis.

Papaya has advantages for all ages and all genders. However, to know whether Papaya is right for you, consult a doctor and know about the allergic response of the body to the fruit. Most people are comfortable with Papaya and can have a cup of the fruit every day. It is known to increase the immunity of an individual tremendously.



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