Nano-Cocoons: A Revolutionary Cancer Treating Development

Nano Science

Nanotechnology – a promising scientific breakthrough that promised a lot to the human beings in the field of biology, medicine, chemistry, research, etc. has been inside the closet for too long. Many years are passed without the proper utilization of this technology where microscopic cells can be studied, modified or utilized for the functioning of an organic being. The use of nanotechnology is more in medicine than any other category as with the assistance of the technology doctors can penetrate/research into the pathological conditions.

Medical researchers and scientists are finding ways to understand the roots of serious pathological conditions. Amongst such conditions, the major one is Cancer, which has a lot of treatment methods but none are so effective that a doctor can claim ‘it will surely cure’. As cancer is all about the irregular growth of cells that can be at first malignant and initially prove to be fatal, researchers have focussed on the cellular level of Cancer.

The University of North California are conducting pre-clinical trials aimed to eradicate cancer on a cellular level. They are using the DNA of the individual with Cancer and creating a specific [150 nanometres] and spherical DNA cocoon. The DNA cocoons are then inserted with ligens, which are molecules that can bind to any specific set of molecules. The researchers have coded the ligens to bind with the cancer cells and the cancer cells engulf the DNA cocoons. As the nano-cocoons are developed with medicinal properties, the cancer cells would die leading to the eradication of Cancer from the body.

The method is safe as it uses the individual’s DNA as a counteracting molecule and there are no side  effects. Further, this targeted chemotherapy is easy to re-establish in any human being. Once the trials are complete this nanotechnology based cancer treatment would become the best method and can become the treatment that made cancer disappear.

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