Money – An Invention By Humans Is Ruling Us And Our Existence

Money – An Invention By Humans Is Ruling Us And Our Existence
It is an undoubted truth that money has become the supreme ruler of mankind despite what one may think. Why are we not able to contain the power of money? It is inevitable that money is powered by the political systems prevalent in the world. If all the people of the world can unite and fight against the system, it is easy to change any political system.To change a system is easy, but there is something beyond the system that we think of highly in our life i.e. the field of medicine. A lot of people don’t understand the influence of money over pharmaceutical and medical industries. Fortunately, there is a solution to eliminate the “money” factor from them as well.The human beings irrespective of being poor or rich can live with health and prosperity if they are provided with state-of- the-art medical facilities. This would ensure our future generations are healthy as well. To achieve this one must eliminate private medical organizations completely and the Government should take care of medical industry and the health of the people.A doctor should write a prescription based on the precise medical condition of the patient. The writing should be legible so that anyone can understand what the prescribed medicines are. There should be not mention company brand names of the medicine. The doctor should only give the combination of the medicine.For example, a doctor should not write brand names for paracetamol if a patient is suffering from fever. He should recommend in the prescription paracetamol, cephalexin, ciproflaxin, etc. but never mention which company product a patient should buy from. The reason for this suggestion is that some companies sell cheap drugs, which can harm the immune system of the individual. These ‘quality less’ drugs will be eliminated from the minds of the doctors who prescribe them for money offered. Once company names are taken out, the combination of medicines described will be left with the percentage or power of the medicine. This can easily determined by the patient or he/she can take suggestions from others before going to the pharmacy.To supply the medicine all over the world, all the governments should coordinate with the people and take their help to establish pharmaceutical industries. One need not think about the resources for this idea as contribution of billions of people can help achieve anything. An hour’s work from every human being can help us secure medical benefits, health safety, etc. for many generations to come. Further, pharmaceutical companies with greatest standards can be established.An ordinance should be passed that people in the world should decide the price of a drug, if necessary. The investments of the private companies should be used for establishment of an organization run by people. The organization should have the power to either accept or decline the production of a drug and to take decision on the maximum price of the particular drug. This eliminates the inflow of money to the medical industry and helps to employ various schemes that can help to provide free medicine all over the world, as shown below:1. Every village should have an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife [A.N.M], a lab technician, an ambulance, laboratory, oxygen cylinders, pharmacist, emergency medicine, etc. All the facilities are made available round the clock so that any emergency is taken care of.2. Every ward in a town should have the same facilities as explained above.3. A super speciality hospital should be available for every county [Mandal]. For every country, a paramedical college can be established.4. For every district a medical college can be established and the current private medical colleges can be taken under the wings of the Government.5. There are many systems of medicine such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, allopathy, etc. All these systems can be used to find cures for the deadliest of diseases. All the systems are brought under one organization and are facilitated with laboratories to experiment on new healing ideas that can help the world.6. All the private pharmacies should be incorporated with the Government so that the medicines generated by the people’s organizations all over the world can supply medicine.7. All these characteristics will eliminate the involvement of money in the field of medicine. The world will have standard supply of medicine, thereby sustaining life with great health. Gradually, this system can be implemented to other economical, financial, political systems in the world and completely reducing the power of money. Within a few years, man can rule over money and break free from the shackles.


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