Magic Mushrooms Bring Enormous Twist In Cancer Treatment

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For centuries medical research has been trying to produce a cost-effective way to bring down cancer. Unfortunately, either due to pressure from the multibillion pharmaceutical industries or greed of the people running those, new methods [reducing costs] are not brought forward. This shows how much the medical industry has gotten used to money. However, new research has taken everyone by surprise and offers great cancer treatment method that could cut short the amount spent on the disease. 

Magic Mushrooms are many species of mushrooms that belong to the Genus Psilocybe. They have an active ingredient known as “psilocybin”. The ingredient was previously used in combination with psychotherapy to take care of anxiety, opiate addiction, alcoholism and depression. However, the use of it was banned in the 1960s, during the times when the pharmaceutical industry was blooming like a ‘mushroom’.

In the present, there are more people seeking alternative methods to take care of diseases and they do not want to gulp medicinal pills. Therefore, Universities have done research on psilocybin in the magic mushrooms only to derive to an unbelievable conclusion. After thorough research it is found out that psilocybin in magic mushrooms combined with psychotherapy helps in Cancer treatment. How? The ingredients act as suppressants of anxiety and depression in cancer patients. They get a feeling of well-being and this helps in rapid healing of the body. Furthermore, the feeling last for nearly half-an-year ensuring the eradication of Cancer cells from the body.

In addition to aiding the cancer treatment the magic mushroom + psychotherapy formula seems to help in balancing the blood pressure and heart beat of an individual. The patient feels relaxed during the sessions and this feeling carries forward enabling in a happier life. Although, general chemotherapy is necessary for destruction of the cancer cells, the number of sessions can be drastically reduced. Furthermore, the patient responds greatly to the chemotherapy sessions ensuring fast recovery. This could save billions of dollars worldwide and hopefully the ones in power lets this magic mushroom formula come forward.




BY : Narendra

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