Is It Possible To Facilitate Free And Equal Global Education?

Is It Possible To Facilitate Free And Equal Global Education?
Can the children of the world be endowed with free and equal education? Such thought should never cross our mind and create a doubt, as free education is absolutely possible. Moreover, if we think about it, we can understand that it is not a problem at all.Before the world faces a crisis of intellects and those who can invent things, we should concentrate on the educational system that is prevalent. This article is an effort to bring forth some of the innovative ideas on the educational system that can help produce more eminent scholars. If there are any similar or better ideas, then you can contribute to the points here.Education is a primary right to every individual on Earth. But, education has become a far-fetched fruit for many due to the lack of solid system. There are many ways in which the educational system is getting exploited. Unfortunately, those who exploit don’t realize that for human survival, physical strength is not sufficient and one requires wisdom as well. We see many people who work hard day in and day out, but they can never grow stronger economically. It is because they don’t have the proper education to know how to use the money they earn or they cannot get promoted because they only have lesser levels of education.This lack of education has made human beings to grow with poor living standards. We can observe that there are no common facilities to the majority of the population. As education is the primary right of every human being, the Government should take care of it and should ban every private educational institute. The Government should implement plans that can reach the remotest of places and provide free education. Here are some of the ideas that can help in achieving free education: 1. Everyone should take it as a personal responsibility to provide high-standard education right from Kindergarten to Post Graduation. 2. Every village should provide education from Kindergarten to 10 th Class [or high-school level] regionally. 3. In towns, a school should be established for a population of 1000 to 1500. The school should be governed by the local authorities and give free education to the children. 4. In every Village Panchayat, a college should be established. 5. For every district at least one University should be established to increase the number of students who want to pursue higher courses. 6. Private Educational Institutions should be BANNED. 7. Teachers, lecturers, professors, etc. who are going to teach the students must be thoroughly qualified and should have the capability to teach the concerned subject with perfection. 8. A new Government branch – Teacher’s Employment Department – should be formed to hire qualified teachers to various schools or colleges.


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