How To Get Rid Of The Harmful Fluoride In The Body?

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How To Get Rid Of The Harmful Fluoride In The Body?

The human body cannot withstand the presence of certain neurotoxins such as lead, arsenic, mercury, etc. Sodium fluoride, a natural contaminant found in water is also classified as a neurotoxin and is deemed harmful to the body. Although, it is present in the toothpaste used by children and adults, as the percentage is negligible and people don’t actually swallow paste there is no problem. However, it is found out that sodium fluoride can enter the body through drinking water, toothpaste and the food materials. It results in dyslexia, dental fluorosis, attention – deficit hyperactivity disorder, memory loss, bone disabilities, etc. Despite all the warnings about the fluoride, more than half of the world’s water supplies are contaminated with it. Here are some of the detoxification methods that can help in the reduction of sodium fluoride in the body.


Iodine plays a pivotal role in carrying out the metabolism in the body. It is crucial for the proper functioning of thyroid hormones and with that ability it can send the unwanted fluorides out of the body through urine. Cranberries, seaweed, potatoes, navy beans, yogurt, iodine salt, etc. contains good quantity of Iodine. Normal use of these sources would help in gradual reduction of the fluoride levels.


Boron is another element that drives out the excessive fluoride from the body without any side effects. However, Boron should be taken in limited quantity as it can cause minor health disturbances. The optimal sources for Boron are bananas, honey, nuts, broccoli, dates, avocado and prunes.


Tamarind is a sour fruit that resembles the taste of a sour grape. It is widely used in alternative medicine and has great healing properties. Tamarind can cleanse the fluoride in the body and it can be eaten directly or used in tea or ingest the tinctures.

Calcium or Magnesium

Magnesium is the mineral that plays a huge role in the metabolism of the body and help in the nutrient synthesis that happens in the cells. The greatness of Magnesium lies with its ability to prohibit the entry of fluorides into the body.

Similar is the case with Calcium as it rejects the entry of fluorides into the bone structure of human beings and into the teeth as well. Both these are readily available from whole grains, fish, bananas, seeds, beans, dried fruit, etc.

Cleansing of the Liver

Liver performs nearly 400 functions that help in the proper maintenance of the body. The excessive fluoride can accumulate in the liver causing serious health problems to the individual. Therefore, approaching a doctor to know the proper diet for the good health of liver can really help. On general, lemon water, turmeric, avocado, lemons, etc. can help in removal of unnecessary elements from the liver.

All these ways can really help in the removal of fluoride from the body. However, people should take care that excess fluoride should enter in the first place, as it could be life altering in a very bad way. There are many districts across the countries all over the world that suffer serious problems with the fluoride; therefore preventing the problem is better than looking for cures after a while.

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