How To Avoid Nuclear Wars And Save The Earth?

How To Avoid Nuclear Wars And Save The Earth?

Nuclear warfare – the world is afraid of its consequences yet thrives on the power it can get. As a result many countries are developing weapons so that they can stand tall in the competition of Nations. It is unimaginable to explain the catastrophic events that would take place after a nuclear war.  However, the development of nuclear weapons has become a part of political propaganda for many parties and countries. Now, it depends on the people to stop this madness and help humanity. Here is what the people can do when there is a seeming nuclear tension.

1) There are some political parties that show serious interest in development of nuclear weapons. The leaders of that party try to create tension in the public and make it look as if nuclear weapons are necessary. By understanding the history of the politician and the interests of the politics it is easy to realize that the particular party is willing to go to war. Please DO NOT VOTE for such parties or its representatives.  

2) Most of the times the politicians will be hypocritical and do not stand on their word. If they change their opinion on nuclear war and try to build weapons, the citizens hold the power to go against this decision. People must ensure that their voice must be heard by protesting. Create awareness about the devastating effects and gather people to fight against it. Remember that it is better to get beaten by the police for a good cause than to die suddenly from a nuclear holocaust.  

3) People of a Nation should be in constant contact with the people of other. This enables everyone to know what is happening across the world. If a country is planning to have a nuclear affair, then through coordination the people of the world can stop this by protesting. There is no greater power than that of the people and it can be shown to the rulers. There are many social media platforms that can be used to share the atrocities of a Nation and even stop them.       

4) If the protests seem not to work, the only way to solve the problem is to begin a huge revolution. There is nothing to lose for people by doing so as nuclear war can easily wipe away everything on Earth. The advantage of a revolution is trying to save humanity and if succeeded there won’t be any nuclear weapons in the world. In addition, revolution of such scale would bring all the people of various nations into a single community. Therefore, succeeding in the revolution would bring great good to the world.

Remember that people are the power and there is nothing anyone can do if people decide to go against a Government or a system. Therefore, realize that power and be responsible to act against such heinous practices as developing nuclear wars.

BY : Abdul Rahman

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