Health Benefits Of OCIMUM SANCTUM [Holy Basil] - Tulasi


Ocimum Sanctum is a Latin word used for the famous plant known as Holy Basil in English and Tulasi in Hindi. The most common phrase used for Tulasi is – It’s an herb for all reasons. The Ocimum Sanctum belongs to the mint family and it’s commonly found among the world as people grow it for both the religious and medicinal purpose. According to the study it’s also found that having a Tulasi plant in or around the home is a good sign of the healthy life

Characteristics & Types:

The Ocimum Sanctum is estimated to grow up to the height of 70 cms and it consists of branched shrub along with oval leaves build on it. The seeds of them acquire red color and the leaves are for culinary purpose. The Ocimum plant is of many types:


1.       Krishna Tulasi – The leaves of it are basically dark in color and also known as dark holy basil.

2.       Rama Tulasi – The leaves of it are of light in color and it’s also known as light holy basil.

3.       Vana Tulasi – The leaves of it are of natural green in color and also known as the wild holy basil.

4.       Kapoor Tulasi – This type of Tulasi plant is commonly found in The United States.


As per the research and study it’s found that for almost more than 3000 years Holy Basil is the best medicine for any medical problems. No matter whether it is cold, fever or any big medical problem Tulasi has been the “elixir of life” to them. The Holy Basil leaves can be used as the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory for the human body structure. Here are some common ailments where Ocimum Sanctum can be used: 

1. Due to the climatic conditions people often suffer from the cold and cough. In order to get relief from this Tulasi would be the best medicine, as it contains the great expectorant it gives the immediate relief from cold and cough.

2. Children often get affected by the fever and Tulasi helps to get rid of it very easily. Drinking the Holy Basil syrup helps to relieve from viral, dengue and malaria fevers.

3. In case of any insect bites such as Scorpio, leeches or snake the Tulasi leaves can be used as instant medicine. 

4. Skin infections due to food or the insect ringworm can be healed by the Tulasi leaves very soon.

5. People suffering from the high eyesight, sore eyes and night blindness can use the Tulasi extracts to get rid of them.

6. Many of the children and adults are facing the dental problems so by taking the Tulasi leaves daily can help them to solve their problems.

7. Tulasi leaves help to purify the blood and also keeps the blood circulation process in the correct method.

8.The Holy Basil leaves also increases the strength of kidney function and also helps to solve the problems of stones in it.

Moreover, there are many uses of Holy Basil as it also helps to get rid of the common health problems like headaches, body pains, breathing problems and also reduces the stress level of the body. The Ocimum Sanctum is also praised for its vital properties of healing the mind, body and spirit of the human body.

BY : Ratnakar

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