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Flowers enhance the garden areas and also the home by their smell and everyone gets attracted to them very easily. Many people advise that not to smell the flowers as it would damage them, but most of them don’t know that flowers are edible and also very healthy for human body structure. According to the study, it’s known that many flowers are edible and they have the rich nutritional values which are very important for the good health.


Not all the flowers are edible, but only some of them are and many other flowers can be poisonous. Selecting the best edible flower and making them a part of the food would be a good step for a healthy diet.


Some of the healthier edible flowers are:


1.      Angelica 

2.      Apple Blossoms

3.      Begonia

4.      Banana Blossoms

5.      Borage

6.      Clover

7.      Citrus Blossoms

8.      Carnations

9.      Chrysanthemums

10.  Chamomile

11.  Daisy

12.  Day lilies

13.  Dandelions

14.  Elderberry Blossoms

15.  Fuchsia

16.  Gladiolus

17.  Geraniums

18.  Hibiscus

19.  Honeysuckle

20.  Impatiens

21.  Lilac

22.  Lavender

23.  Marigold

24.  Pansy

25.  Peony

26.  Queen Anne’s Lace

27.  Roses

28.  Sunflower

29.  Tulips

30.  Violets


Before discussing about these flowers and their benefits it’s important to know about the special things about the edible flowers.


·         All the flowers are not edible; some are poisonous too, so always choose the edible flowers only.

·         Never use flowers which are grown through pesticides as they are harmful .Only choose the flowers which are grown organically.

·         Always select the flowers from the gardens or the nurseries but do not pick them from the roadside as they can be harmful.

·         Always pick the flowers in the early morning as they contain high water content in them during that time.

·         Before eating those flowers, remove the pistils and stamens from it and also wash the flower properly and then eat them.

·         At the beginning start with smaller portions of flowers and do not eat much amount in a single day itself.

·         Not everyone’s body structure suits the flowers; some may get the allergies, so make sure to be aware of such reactions.


In the olden days, the Romans are the first who had traced the edible flowers and after those are used as the garnish in the Indian and Chinese food items. The edible flowers are also very rich in nutrients and also have many health benefits. Along with the generation and technology people are using these edible flowers in the food items, but are still aware of method of techniques to make use of it. Today, many of them are using in garnishing, toppings of the dishes like pastas, noodles, cakes, cocktails and many more but not everything is preferable for every dish. Flowers are very versatile when it comes to their flavors and taste. So it’s also very important to know the specifications and uses of the flowers in the various types of dishes.


Edible flowers are rich in vitamins, minerals and are also have many nutritional values. Along with these they are also the antioxidant and help to keep the human body structure healthy. Adding edible flowers to food items is a good way to boost the nutrients and minerals in the body. Here are some points which should be known about these flowers:


1.      Edible Flowers are rich in vitamins and supply some of the vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and D & E.

·         The vitamin A is good for the eyes and supplies the essential nutrients for them. The vitamin A is important for women about 28% and for men is 21%.

·         Vitamin C helps the body to be away from the skin and ear infections. About 42% is required for women and 35% for men. Borage flowers are a good source of vitamin C.

·         Vitamin D keeps the body healthy and also it is good for healthier skin.

·         Vitamin E is beneficial for the mind power and it can be extracted from the Rose petals.

2.      Many edible flowers are a good source of the potassium and they are very beneficial for the health. Potassium helps to keep the heart and muscles healthier which is a good sign of a happy life.

3.      Edible flowers are also rich in the antioxidants and they are very beneficial to the body structure. They help to purify the blood vessels and also remove the toxins from the body and keep the body fit and healthy.


Benefits of the Edible Flowers:


1.      Edible flowers help to deal with the problems like obesity, overweight and weight loss. People who suffer from these problems can use Apple, Banana, citrus and Elderberry flowers in their diet and get rid of these problems. These are also useful for the pigmentation and menstrual problems.

2.      Migraine, Endometriosis and Colitis pains can be reduced by eating the flower Angelica and it helps to get relief from such pains.

3.       Borage and Begonia flowers help to solve the skin problems, menstrual problems and also helps to cure the immune disease, sore throat and flu from the body.

4.      Carnation flower helps the body to cure the problems like hair loss and anti- inflammatory effects. It also helps to cure the muscle and bone pain.

5.      The flower Chrysanthemums helps to benefit the body from anticancer, acid reflux and protects the body from anti blood agents.

6.      The flower named clover helps to benefit the body from blood thinner and hot flashes.

7.      Jasmine, Dandelions and Day Lilies help the body from liver diseases, constipation and also it’s an antioxidant.

8.      Lavender flower helps the body to avoid problems like cold, cough, headaches, allergies and anxiety.

9.      Hibiscus flower has many benefits such as keeping the hair roots stronger and also protects from cancer and many diseases. But pregnant ladies should not take them in use.

10.  Problems like Ulcers, Cuts, and Wounds & Eczema can be cured by eating the marigold flower.

11.  People suffering from bad breath and dental problems can eat the sunflower which can cure such problems.

12.   Roses are very beautiful and also help to protect the body from bacteria, fungus and also clean the blood cells.


Moreover, the edible flowers are very beneficial for the human body structure and also help to avoid many health problems. People can make a healthy diet chart and use these edible flowers in order to maintain a healthy life.




BY : Nandu

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