Now a days electricity plays a very important in our life. Due to Population explosion, the current power generation has become insufficient to fulfill our needs and also lessen of conventional energy resources we must depend on non conventional energy resources for power generation.                                              
               Generally energy is classified  into two types conventional energy resources and unconventional energy resources. These are also called as Renewable and Non renewable energy resources. Conventional energy resources include water, coal, oil, coal, and gas. An unconventional energy resource includes solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, etc. Conventional energy resources once expired in nature cannot be restored .so we have to come up with new innovative and creative ideas for electricity generation.               
               Therefore to overcome this problem we need to implement new techniques for power generation. So we discover a new technology for electricity generation from speed breakers. In our world we are not utilizing the energy in a proper way. Lots of energy is generated when the vehicle passes over the speed breaker. If we utilize this energy in a proper way we can generate electricity which will fulfill our needs. 

  1. By using this arrangement we can produce electricity through the year.  
  2. We can produce electricity at low cost and we can the natural resources for our future demands    
  3. It requires less floor area and do not obstruct the traffic.    
  4. There is no need of man power for power generation.   
  5. It is a pollution free power generation process as it does not uses any type of fuel and we can save our natural resources for future demands    
  6. Its maintenance cost is also low.                                                    
            This technique will conserve our natural resources. In future this will prove a great boon to the world and saves a lot of electricity that is being produced from power plants.    

BY : Maruthi Ram Kumar Jeelakarra

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