Do You Want An Incredible Alarm?


Today i am going to show you how making an alarm for indicating the water level in a very simple method.

Thinks required

1) Plastic bottle

2)9v battery and connector

3) Aluminum foil paper,

4)2 Aluminum wire each half a meter

5)3 Plastic drink bottle caps (2 white.1 blue)

6) A waste sketch pen

7) Small Buzzer,

8) Tiny plastic pieces.                                                                                                     


First of all take a bottle (white) cap and cut and take out the bottom circle part. Paste this circle on the other (white) cap open area. Make a hole in these so that sketch can be easily go through it.Make same hole.In the third (blue) cab also. Cut the pointed part of the sketch pen. On one part of this sketch pen paste this (blue) cap a inches inside. Paste a silver foil paper (as size of a bottle cap) to the first (white) cap. Now insert

This cap into the sketch below the first pasted (blue) cap. On the other side of the sketch pen paste a small plastic piece at the bottom. Connect one pole of the buzzer to the connecting wire and the second pole to the loose wire.Connect one pole of the connector to the loose wire and other to the buzzer

 Which is already connected. Now we have two end poles of wire, one of the connector and another from the buzzer. Plug this connector to the battery. Take a piece of cardboard and paste the battery and buzzer to the cardboard. Take a two small piece of aluminum foil paper and fold it thrice separately. Make a tiny hole at one end of each foil  and insert one end of the wire (i.e. Two end poles of wire, one of the connectors and another from the buzzer) in this hole and screw it separately.

Now we have two ends of wire screwed with aluminum foil paper. Now pastes this ends at two different places on the sketch pen base in opposite directions (where we have plastic bottle cap pasted in the sketch pen).Take one ice-cream

Wooden bar sticks and cut into three pieces, two small piece and one big piece in (1:1:3 ratio). Paste these 2 small pieces near each other above this big piece vertical at the end one end.

Paste the other end of this big ice-cream bar stick piece  to the (blue) bottle cap.Now dip this sketch pen in the bottle which is already filled with the water level rises we hear a peep sound (alarm) indicating water level.

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