Breast Feeding – An Essential To Mother And Child


    Women in the current world are fighting for equal rights and are trying to create opportunities for themselves, which is an honorable thing. However, some women tend to ignore the basic duties of a woman and try to find backdoors. Amongst such practices, the most unfortunate one is bottle feeding the infants either to save time or preserve beauty. For such people, here are some of the most important benefits of breast feeding the infant:


 Infants are often exposed to cold, pneumonia, etc. and it is considerably high in non-breast feeding babies. According to research, mother’s milk has the capability of reducing these infections and ensuring proper growth of the baby. In addition, every ounce of mother’s milk consists of 20 calories meaning that the mother can lose calories by just feeding the child. Therefore, it would be a mutually beneficial aspect and both can acquire strong health.

Benefits for the infant

 Ø  Mother’s milk is the best way to stop the development of several conditions. The conditions like Crohn’s disease, Diabetes Type-I, celiac disease, etc. can be prevented by proper feeding to the child.

 Ø  It is observed that breast feeding would help in the increase of bone density in the child. While, it is not so effectively observed in the babies receiving bottled milk. Additionally, the mother would also experience the same.

 Ø  The greatest security factor of breast feeding is that mother’s milk will reduce the problem of sudden infant death syndrome [SIDS] by 50%. Therefore, even if the baby is sick due to some ailments the survival rate will be high.

 Ø  Mother’s milk will ensure that the baby will grow with proper weight and would not either obese or thin. Further, the milk would act as preliminary vaccines to prevent any sudden attack of illnesses.

 Benefits for the mother

 Ø  The healing process for the mother would quicken if she breast feeds the child. The blood loss after the delivery will decrease due to the release of Oxytocin – which is stimulated by breast feeding. In addition, the uterus will regain the former shape in about six months, whereas it may take up to 10-12 weeks.

 Ø  The post delivery diseases that frequently strike a mother are ovarian cancer and premenopausal cancer. These two conditions can be easily avoided by feeding the baby.

 Ø  If the mother desires the menstrual cycle can halt for a whole year, thereby relieving the pain during recovery. All it takes is constant breast feeding and prolactin is released. The prolactin ensures that the progesterone and oestrogen are controlled resulting in delayed menstruation.

 In addition to these benefits, the mother can know a great deal about the habits of the child and a strong bond would develop with breast feeding. This relationship would be very crucial during the developmental stages of the children. Therefore, women who don’t believe in breast feeding should realize the importance of it and start to provide milk generated in the body. As this is mutually beneficial, both will become stronger, healthier and happier.


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