Bacteria Bricks - Safer And Bio-degradable Alternative To Concrete

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Bacteria Bricks - Safer And Bio-degradable Alternative To Concrete
The world is always looking for safer alternatives, as we are realizing that anymore harm done to the environment would mean mass extinction. Scientists have found ways to generate water out of moisture, draw energy from sun and pure water. Now, they are concentrating on having bricks made out of bacteria. Yes, bacteria – the once feared invisible influence on man is now become the subject of concentration.

As known to most people, concrete is a human made substance with a lot of Carbon footprint. It is made of crushed rock, water, cement and applying a lot of heat. The problem with concrete is the primary source cement, which takes a lot of energy to produce. In fact, a survey by the USA revealed that cement manufacturing is consuming more energy than any other manufacturing industries in the country. Such is the enormous energy requirement of cement. Therefore, researchers have concentrated on bacteria called “Sporosarcina pasteurii”.

Under the influence of certain chemicals and with the help of a binding agent the bacteria can produce calcium carbonate. The same substance observed in the coral reefs. This acted as an inspiration to many scientists who are now planning to develop bricks out of the bacteria.


1. Brick Moulds
2. Aggregates like sand
3. Sporosarcina pasteurii

Preparation of the bricks is fairly simple. The brick moulds are injected with the bacteria and sand. In a matter of five days, the bacteria will bind the sand and create a hard substance that can be used as a brick.

Advantages of the bacteria bricks

1. The bricks are lightweight and can be easily transported from place to place.
2. They can be prepared by anyone with availability of the required materials.
3. The bricks are completely bio-degradable.

With such incredible advantages they are fast becoming the ideal supplements for building a house. Scientists are still working on making the bricks stronger so that heavy constructions can be done with them.

P.S: NASA is developing a concept to build bricks on Mars and other habitable planets based on this concept. They will take the bacterial samples and grow bricks on the planet itself and it could save billions of money.

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