Artificial Photosynthesis – Solution To The CO2 Emission

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Photosynthesis is the primary process of plants and trees in which the Carbon dioxide is converted into bio energy with the help of sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to have more trees in the eco-system; unfortunately man is too ignorant to see that importance. Hence, the world has witnessed a lot of deforestation in the previous millennium and it continues. Although, every living being on the planet contains Carbon, too much of Carbon dioxide would cause the increase of the temperature and leads to natural calamities. The consequences are being already witnessed with unexpected hurricanes, drastic climatic changes, tsunamis, etc.

A late realization set into the minds of the “superior species” and they are seeking ways to solve the labyrinth of mistakes they have done. CO2 emission is one of the major issues and now researchers are considering “Artificial Photosynthesis”. In this method, manmade nano particles are used to convert the Carbon dioxide into Acetate.

Process of Artificial Photosynthesis

The process involves the use of nanotechnology and biology. Nano wires are used with the help of Silicon and Titanium oxide. These two are capable of capturing sunlight and convert it into electrons. These electrons are in turn sent to Sporomusa ovata – an anaerobic bacterium. This bacterium has the capability to utilize Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and convert it into “Acetate” with the help of water and electrons.

Reaction within Sporomusa ovata with the help of electrons –

H2O [water] + CO2 [Carbon dioxide] ® Acetate

Acetate is a wonderful product with the capability of forming many useful chemicals. The best of them is the production of synthetic fuels. When acetate is sent to genetically engineered bacterium Escherichia coli [E. coli] synthetic fuels can be produced.

Therefore, by using nanotechnology and biology human beings can reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and at the same time find solution for the fuel deficiency. The artificial photosynthesis can prove to be the best way for the humans to save the planet and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

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