About Hai Genius

Identifying new and innovative thoughts from hidden talents across the world that can help to the World. Whenever you give your genius thought to the world, then only there will be an identity for you in the world history

Hai Genius is founded by B.A.V.V. Satya Prasad on 20 June 2016.

It is my ardent belief that every individual in his/her lifetime would have had thoughts about social welfare, new experiments for progress of humanity, development of the world, etc. There are certainly many useful ideas that linger in the minds of people. In a world like ours, it becomes difficult to elevate new talents and implement new ideas with ease. The website is designed keeping in mind the above mentioned vital aspect. It is a known fact that most talent in our world suffices itself through adaptability and they regret their living. The bonds of life and fear of aggression by various sources will make them to stay subdued throughout their lives. To fight such unfortunate situation Hai Genius helps to set a platform. The main purpose of this interface is to illuminate concealed talents and bring out the ideas of patriotic, artistic, socialistic, humanitarian people who can help in rapid transcendence of the world.

My personal experience and the amount of suppression I felt within my mind led me to build this platform so to quench the knowledgeable thirst of at least few unrecognized intellectuals. The following incidents led me to have many mental battles, churning struggles which ultimately enabled me to come out with a simple yet powerful idea.

I am B.A.V.V. Satya Prasad and I work for Medical and Health care Department. In my service I have witnessed many cases of grief and am still witnessing them. Every case study comes with a sorrow tone, I especially felt remorseful whenever older people visit the department. With bent spines, feeble legs, saggy limbs they come with a lot of woes than what their dire personality portrays. However, I admired their unbroken will and strength of soul which makes them determinant to live and let their tradition pass on to next generation. I helped a few within my limits as I have to take care of family. After years of inner battles, I finally was able to bring out an idea which would create a path for convenient sanction of pensions. By following my method without any extra strain Government could provide 5000 INR for every pensioner. The thought alone gave me a splendid feeling and I felt with this implemented I can save a lot of people. I prepared a thorough file explaining every aspect clearly and approached a Member of Parliament. Shockingly, he did not even listen and sent me out striking my plan as superficial.

I was not stifled by this defeat and went to a Member of Legislative Assembly, who carefully listened, applauded my thoughts and said he would contact me the moment he made discussions with the Government. My happiness found no limits and I eagerly waited for his call. Unfortunately, after many years I am still waiting for his call.

However, this did not suppress me and I sought to establish a platform to publicize my idea. Many laborious efforts finally concluded with the establishment of www.haigenius.com, a website for all those who wants to speak their hearts out. The website intends to gather similar minded intellectuals who know the dire situation of the world and have potential to give genuine ideas. By intellectual I do not mean educated but foresighted. With a lot of hope I envision this platform to become the intellectual mouthpiece of India, from which everyone can take some ideas for further implementation.

My dear readers join hands if you have such enthusiasm and patriotic intentions; and remember change comes in slow succession and dissolves everything which is corrupt and unfair. Therefore with unbreakable hope and keenness utilize this interface to post evolutionary ideas so to design a new World – our World.

To thrive for identifying new and innovative thoughts from hidden talents across the world that can help the world.

We understand the importance of individual’s with innovative skills; therefore we aim to transform their abilities for the betterment of our world’s economy.

To help intellectuals acquiring patent rights on their refreshing thoughts.

Our website focuses on the elevation of status of intellectuals both economically and personally. Through our collaboration, an individual can spread their thoughts without effort.

Haigenius.com aims to make every individual live independently without ever having to depend on others for commercial purposes. Our perspective is to utilize their knowledge for the sake of the betterment of the Nation for deriving a developed humanity.

We recognize that every human will get a unique idea in his or her lifetime and haigenius.com desires to extract every such valuable idea. Although these thoughts are often neglected and forgotten due to improper exposure, our website are up for it to provide that exposure for unique ideas and individuals who have formulated them in their brilliant minds.

It is our belief that the entire life span of a human is worthless without that single life-changing idea and we do not want you to be that individual without any creative ability.

Haigenius.com is not only about experienced citizens, but also deal with students who are often intelligent and are unaware of their own powers of thinking. For students, our website can become a platform to earn through the use of their intelligence and be recognized as scholarly individuals’ right from the educational level. Further, they do not need to rely on companies for daily bread and can depend on their own mind which is a very satisfactory means for living.

Our website recognizes that talent needs no education and high rational abilities do not every time develop from educational institutions. Therefore, anyone with an intellectual idea can register with us and share their wisdom.

Haigenius.com foresees every individual to come up with brilliant and effective ideas which can modify the world into a better place where there is perfect harmony between human to human, animal to human, and Nature to human. This is the ultimate purpose of our website.